To Scroll or Not to Scroll – Which website format suits your business?

By Adam

To Scroll or Not to Scroll – Which website format suits your business?

In business it is the simple distinctions and choices your organization makes about brand presence that will either set you apart, or assist in maintaining your relative anonymity in the digital marketplace. Few companies take the time to assess their business’s outward facing assets to experience exactly what their potential customers do. Why is this important? The web is a finicky beast at the best of times, and by extension, so are its users. All your choices about brand presence and online interactions must be scrutinized with the customer in mind. A poorly laid-out website, overly aggressive calls to action, or logistically challenging customer engagement, will increase frustration and deter potential customers.
In today’s blog we’re referring to the choice between multi-page or single scrolling layouts. The goal should always be to disseminate information and media about your business in the easiest consumable format.
Consider these questions:
·      Does your business require an extensive narrative to explain your product or service offering?
·      What is the target age range of the users seeking your services?
·      Does your website contain a large amount of supplemental copy & media required to sell the product or service?
In answer to the above questions:
*  If your product, service, or organization requires lengthy explanations or extensive amounts of content to adequately communicate the brand, it would be prudent to utilize a multi-page format.
*  If the target age range of your users is under 30 for example, a comprehensive single page-scrolling layout makes the most sense, as these visitors will likely be engaging on mobile devices.
*  If your website will continually be built out with additional content over time, a one page scrolling layout will not be able to accommodate this without sacrificing load time and speed for the user.
The takeaway:
Any business should be consistently aware of their clientele and how best to logistically accommodate online requests for all information related to business offerings. The more thought you put into your client-facing assets online, the more favourable the response will be. There are people inquiring about services like yours every day; so, why not make it as fast and easy as possible for them to connect with you?
In this case you need only ask yourself one question that will dramatically affect your bottom line, ‘To Scroll Or Not to Scroll’. Now you know! Does your current site layout make things easier or harder for your visitors?
See ya next time,

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I'm nobody's taxi service but I take pride in driving the bus! Upbeat, energetic serial entrepreneur on the quest to serve and help people. I enjoy long walks on short beaches and adventurous, adrenaline-pumping activities. I'm a normal bloke doing abnormal bloke things!
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