Does Anyone Know a Web Designer: “who won’t charge an arm and a leg?”

By Adam

Does Anyone Know a Web Designer: “who won’t charge an arm and a leg?”

How many times have you come across a comment, thread, or forum post with some iteration of the above question? Or perhaps posted some version of this question yourself? Come on, I know you’re out there. Don’t be embarrassed; it’s a common adage. The question itself is an unfair one to begin with; it’s like saying “does anyone know of a car I can buy that won’t bankrupt me”? The previous question is unanswerable because the ‘cost’ is going to be relative to all who ask it. A person’s budget may only support the purchase of a Volkswagen (Not a diesel though! Too soon?), so it would not make sense for said person to be chatting about acquiring a Range Rover.
The question should be: What is the marketing budget and what needs are most pressing for the business at this time? Consultations must then be had to ascertain what can be done within the confines of the established budget range. Bear in mind that the nickel and dime approach to web design services may end up costing your business more in the long run. If you don’t plan long-term with scalability and phase goals in mind it can present challenging issues down the road.
If you want to make the process of sourcing of a web designer seamless and less taxing on your mental faculties, follow these simple steps:
·      Establish a comprehensive marketing budget (or at least a range)
·      Decide how much of the marketing budget will be allocated to web services
·      Research & consult with 3 companies
·      Clearly explain the services needed for your digital marketing plan
·      Strategize with a consultant & acquire a costing breakdown so you understand the purpose of the deliverables being purchased
When questions like the title of this blog are asked, it clearly identifies the poster as a person who has put little thought into their budget, goals, ROI, or their business as a whole. If these parameters are left up to the cosmos to clarify, you’ll end up spinning your wheels and becoming increasingly frustrated with the quote responses you receive. It’s your business; don’t let others determine its course. 

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I'm nobody's taxi service but I take pride in driving the bus! Upbeat, energetic serial entrepreneur on the quest to serve and help people. I enjoy long walks on short beaches and adventurous, adrenaline-pumping activities. I'm a normal bloke doing abnormal bloke things!
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