Digital Door Flyers: Modals vs. Pop-up Windows

By Adam

Digital Door Flyers: Modals vs. Pop-up Windows

Have you ever arrived home after a few days away to find that every crevice of your door has somehow given birth to an entire library of mailers? That is the real life version of the irritant that is the much-maligned pop-up window. It can certainly be said that ‘pop-up’ windows are not nearly as frequent as they once were; however, the other side of that coin is that pop-ups have become sneakier in their application.
The initial idea behind pop-ups was to increase engagement and calls to action. Unfortunately, some websites took it too far, and now the mere sight of a pop-up will send your visitors scrambling for the back button.
There are 4 main facets to an effective website:
(None of which are Pop-Ups!)
1. Get visitors to the site.
2. Pique their interest with compelling content.
3. Keep visitors engaged and directed to salable triggers.
4. Initiate communication and/or acquisition of consumer information.
* The initiation of pop-ups will most certainly preempt the effectiveness of the above. From a consumer standpoint, this type of intrusive marketing and unprompted information shows a lack of respect. There are other ways to display information and guide visitors to that which you wish to promote – Modals!
The use of modals as extensions to either single or multi-page website layouts is a no-brainer alternative to the utilization of pop-up windows. Modals can provide additional placements for secondary content that may be congesting the main page. Since single page layouts are gaining more traction in the digital space, modals are also being used with more frequency. This slight change in content display will certainly make your visitors look more favourably upon your go-to business strategy on the web.
Top 3 Benefits of Modal Use:
1. It imparts to your visitors that you value their time and privacy.
2. It displays a level of commitment to trends & non-invasive marketing.
3. It creates a more trusting communication environment with your customers for future promotions.
This simple differentiation in your web presence has an immense impact on the way your clientele views your brand.
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